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Pro Wrestling Calendar

Author: Pro Wrestling and Sports Bets Unlocked
Published: 2023-04-12

Pro Wrestling Calendar

December 2023

10 WWE Holiday Tour in Penn State College, PA

11 WWE Raw in Cleveland, OH

12 NWA Powerrr


13 AEW Dynamite in Arlington, TX

14 MLW Fusion

14 Impact Wrestling

14 Ring of Honor

15 WWE Smackdown in Green Bay, WI

15 AEW Rampage in Arlington, TX (Taped)

15 WWE NXT Live in Jacksonville, FL

15 Ring of Honor: Final Battle 2023 in Garland, TX

16 WWE Holiday Tour in Moline, IL

16 AEW Collision in Garland, TX

17 WWE Holiday Tour in Rochester, MN

18 WWE Raw in Des Moines, IA

19 NWA Powerrr


20 AEW Dynamite in Oklahoma City, OK

21 MLW Fusion

21 Impact Wrestling

21 Ring of Honor

22 WWE Smackdown (Taped)

22 AEW Rampage in Oklahoma City, OK (Taped)

23 AEW Collision in San Antonio, TX



26 WWE Holiday Tour in New York, NY (MSG)

26 WWE Holiday Tour in Baltimore, MD

27 AEW Dynamite in Orlando, FL

27 WWE Holiday Tour in Boston, MA

27 WWE Holiday Tour in Detroit, MI

28 WWE Holiday Tour in Laval, Quebec

28 AEW Rampage in Orlando, FL (Taped)

28 WWE Holiday Tour in Houston, TX

29 WWE Holiday Tour in Las Vegas, NV

29 WWE Holiday Tour in Toronto, Ontario

30 AEW World's End PPV in Long Island, NY

30 WWE Holiday Tour in Inglewood, CA


January 2024

1 WWE Raw in San Diego, CA

2 NWA Powerrr


3 AEW Dynamite in Newark, NJ

4 NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 in Tokyo, Japan

4 MLW Fusion

4 Ring of Honor

4 Impact Wrestling

5 WWE Smackdown in Vancouver, Canada

5 AEW Rampage in Newark, NJ (Taped)

6 WWE SuperShow in Spokane, WA

6 AEW Collision in Charlotte, NC

7 WWE SuperShow in Wenatchee, WA

8 WWE Raw in Portland, OR

9 NWA Powerrr


10 AEW Dynamite in Jacksonville, FL

11 MLW Fusion

11 Ring of Honor

11 Impact Wrestling

12 GCW in Chicago IL

12 WWE Smackdown in Lincoln, NE

12 AEW Rampage in Jacksonville, FL (Taped)

13 TNA Hard to Kill in Las Vegas, NV

13 NJPW Battle in the Valley in San Jose, CA

13 WWE SuperShow in Las Cruces, NM

13 AEW Collision in Norfolk, VA

13 NWAA Paranoia in Fort Lauderdale, FL

14 WWE SuperShow in Rio Ranchero, NM

14 TNA: Snake Eyes in Las Vegas, NV

15 WWE Raw in North Little Rock, AR

16 NWA Powerrr


17 AEW Dynamite in North Charleston, SC

18 MLW Fusion

18 Ring of Honor

18 Impact Wrestling

19 WWE Smackdown in Atlanta, GA

19 AEW Rampage in North Charleston, SC (Taped)

20 WWE SuperShow in Montgomery, AL

20 AEW Collision in St. Louis, MO

21 WWE SuperShow in Jackson, MS

22 WWE Raw in New Orleans, LA

23 NWA Powerrr


24 AEW Dynamite in Savannah, GA

25 MLW Fusion

25 Ring of Honor

25 Impact Wrestling

26 GCW in Tampa, Florida

26 WWE Smackdown in Miami, FL

26 AEW Rampage in Savannah, GA (Taped)

27 WWE Royal Rumble PLE in Tampa, FL

27 GCW in Tampa, Florida

27 AEW Collsion in Bossier City, LA


29 WWE Raw in Tampa, FL

30 NWA Powerrr


31 AEW Dynamite in New Orleans, LA

February 2024

1 MLW Fusion

1 Ring of Honor

1 Impact Wrestling

2 WWE Smackdown in Birmingham, AL

2 AEW Rampage in New Orleans, LA (Taped)

3 WWE Road to WM in Knoxville, TN

3 AEW Collision in Edinburg, TX

4 WWE Road to WM in Corbin, KY

4 WWE NXT: Vengeance Day in Clarksville, TN

5 WWE Raw in St. Louis, MO

6 NWA Powerrr


7 AEW Dynamite

8 MLW Fusion

8 Ring of Honor


9 WWE Smackdown in Charlotte, NC



12 WWE Raw in Lexington, KY

13 NWA Powerrr


14 AEW Dynamite

15 MLW Fusion

15 Ring of Honor

15 TNA

16 WWE Smackdown in Salt Lake City, UT

17 WWE Road to WM in Oakland, CA

18 WWE Road to WM in Fresno, CA

19 WWE Raw in Anaheim, CA

20 NWA Powerrr


21 AEW Dynamite

22 MLW Fusion

22 Ring of Honor

22 TNA

23 WWE Smackdown

24 WWE Elimination Chamber PLE in Perth, Australia


26 WWE Raw in San Jose, CA

27 NWA Powerrr


28 AEW Dynamite

29 MLW Fusion

29 Ring of Honor

29 TNA

March 2024

1 WWE Smackdown in Glendale, AZ

2 WWE Road to WM in Palm Desert, CA

3 WWE Road to WM in Bakersfield, CA

3 AEW Revolution in Greensboro, NC

4 WWE Raw in San Antonio, TX

5 NWA Powerrr


6 AEW Dynamite

7 MLW Fusion

7 Ring of Honor


8 WWE Smackdown in Dallas, TX

9 WWE Road to WM in Alexandria, LA

10 WWE Road to WM in Lafayette, LA

11 WWE Raw

12 NWA Powerrr


13 AEW Dynamite

14 MLW Fusion

14 Ring of Honor

14 TNA

15 WWE Smackdown in Memphis, TN

16 WWE Road to WM in Augusta, GA

16 AEW Collision in Ottawa, Canada

17 WWE Road to WM in North Charleston, SC

18 WWE Raw in Raleigh, NC

19 NWA Powerrr


20 AEW Dynamite in Toronto, Canada

21 MLW Fusion

21 Ring of Honor

21 TNA

22 WWE Smackdown in Milwaukee, WI

22 AEW Rampage in Toronto, Canada (Taped)

23 WWE Road to WM in Springfield, IL

24 WWE Road to WM in Rockford, IL

25 WWE Raw in Chicago, IL

26 NWA Powerrr


27 AEW Dynamite in Quebec City, Canada

28 MLW Fusion

28 Ring of Honor

28 TNA

29 WWE Smackdown in Uncasville, CT

29 AEW Rampage in Quebec City, Canada (Taped)

30 WWE Road to WM in Manchester, NH

April 2024

5 WWE Smackdown in Philadelphia, PA

5 WWE Hall of Fame in Philadelphia, PA

6 WWE NXT: Stand and Deliver in Philadelphia, PA

6 WWE WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, PA

7 WWE WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, PA

8 WWE Raw in Philadelphia, PA

10 AEW Dynamite in Winnipeg, Canada

12 AEW Rampage in Winnipeg, Canada (Taped)

17 WWE Live Tour in Birmingham, England

18 WWE Live Tour in Cardiff, Wales

19 WWE Live Tour in London, England

19 WWE Smackdown in PIttsburgh, PA

20 WWE Live Tour in Belfast, Northern Ireland

20 WWE Saturday NIght Main Event in Erie, PA

21 WWE Sunday Stunner in Fort Wayne, IN

22 WWE Raw in Columbus, OH

26 WWE Smackdown in Cincinnati, OH

29 WWE Raw in Kansas City, MO

May 2024

4 WWE Backlash PLE in Lyon, France

8 AEW Dynamite in Edmonton, Canada

10 AEW Rampage in Edmonton, Canada (Taped)

11 AEW Collision in Vancouver, Canada

June 2024


July 2024

10 AEW Dynamite in Calgary, Canada

12 AEW Rampage in Calgary, Canada (Taped)

August 2024

25 AEW All-In 3 in London, England

30 WWE Smackdown in Berlin, Germany

31 WWE Bash in Berlin PPV in Berlin, Germany

September 2024

1 AEW All-Out 5 in Chicago, IL