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Welcome to Pro Wrestling and Sports Bets UNLOCKED. We aim to deliver you the best picks that our research and experience can give you. We started in 2020 when the pandemic hit and quick money was needed. However, sports books only let you bet in certain amounts or certain games at certain prices. Therefore, I decided to share my picks with you. I can't wait for you to write me and talk about how well you are doing.


We offer almost any combination of games you would like. You will see game picks. This is usually a money line pick and over/under for that particular game. However, if the money line according to our research and experience is our pick then we are going to tell you. Then you will see Triple Pack which is usually three picks of three games of the same sport for a low price. Sometimes we will be offering a Six Pack which is six picks of six games of the same sport. Then of course, you can follow us for three days and get all sports, 7 days and get all sports or for 30 days in one sport.